Thanks for your presence on the GameBoxAdapter Website. With the advancement of technology and gamers’ interest in using the mouse and keyboard instead of the game console categories, such as PlayStation and Xbox, we decided to design and prepare a device for video game enthusiasts to easily and at a cost. By simply plugging the gamebox adapter into your console, you can easily use the mouse and keyboard instead of the Console Controller. .

If you have a PlayStation or Xbox console then just buy the Game Box Adapter. The game box is designed to be easy to use without the legs or delays.

The overall structure of the gamebox adapter: Generally, the gamebox plays the role of the converter, which translates the codes sent from the mouse and the keyboard into readable codes in the game consoles, thus the mouse and keyboard on the console are known as the game’s handle and you You can easily play all the games you’ve ever played on your console with a mouse and keyboard.